Curate Your Workspace and Get Ready to Work

Week one of April we figured out how to focus your priorities.  Last week we talked about smart budget strategies for your business.  This final blog post in the Ready to Work series is a bit of a departure for me (but such a joy to write!) Because it’s all about one of my favorite things…INTERIOR DESIGN!!! But…before I get into all the super fun deets, I want to say that there is absolutely a much more emotionally connected reason for writing and sharing this with you. I truly believe that creating a space that is uniquely and completely yours is essential to finding motivation, inspiration and a sense of delight in the work you produce. This does not mean you have to have a home office or do all of your work from one particular space (in fact I absolutely recommend changing up your location, and type of environment...Read More
9-You Version 2.0

You, Version 2.0: Creating an Inspiring Vision of Your Future Self

There’s someone you’ve got to get to know. We all know someone like her (or we follow someone like her on social media!) She has that confident/self-assured/cool-girl/grown-up/successful/got-it-together swag…and she’s probably got some great shoes too, (just sayin’). The very things you’re struggling with today, she’s conquered, and she is handling them with style, or at least cool, collected calm. The fact is, you already know her better than you think...or maybe she knows you better than you think, because this fabulous creature is none other than your Future Self. Right about now, you may be thinking…”ummm, that would be great and all but I can not picture ever being that girl.” Well that is exactly what today’s post is all about: Who is your Future Self and how can you create an inspiring vision of her that will propel you forward today? How and why is this visualization exercise used?...Read More