Resilience- Your secret super power

Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls (and what’s next for Arise & Bloom)

Resilience. I talked about it in my last newsletter. I told you about some really amazing, really resilient women in my life. What I didn’t share was my own story. I didn’t tell you that my own superpower is resilience. I also didn’t realize when I was starting that recent newsletter, how soon and how much I’d need to tap back into it this very year. Right now we have a lot going on here on the homefront. My fiancé Sean and I plan to be married in 2019, and the reason we’re not doing it sooner is because we have a lot going on. A lot of planned personal business—some medical issues we’ve each needed to address for too long and some other life “housekeeping”. I won’t go into all of those details, or over-justify why it makes sense to us to wait, but I will say that planning...Read More
15- Life Lessons from Myself

5 HUGE Life Lessons from my 20’s & 30’s

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish somebody had told me that when I was younger?" I think we can all agree that there are things we've learned the hard way.  And this isn't always a bad thing.  In fact, the older I get, the more I realize that sometimes living out the "un-pretty" lessons are absolutely necessary to the process of learning.  I have a niece who is in her early 20's and (although in many ways she has a good head on her shoulders), I often find myself wanting to shield her from the mistakes I made (and made again and again).  But I do my best to say the encouraging words, and give the small pieces of advice, while at the same time recognizing that there is a lot of perseverance and refinement that goes on inside of those mistakes. I also recognize that we all...Read More
13-The Double Agent Dilemma

The Double Agent Dilemma: Team Player AND Successful Side Hustle?

You’ve worked for years in the same industry; maybe even for the same company. And though for a long time, you’ve known that you’re meant for more, you haven’t been quite sure what the “more” was or what to do about it. Then one day the clouds parted and finally, you knew what it was and even if you still didn’t know the “how” you felt determined to make the “what” happen (and by the way, if the clouds haven’t parted for you, you’re definitely not alone; maybe check this post out first).So here you are, your dream in front of you, a determined spirit, and years of great business skills you can transition into something of your own. For a lot of us, embarking on a new business venture, especially if it’s totally different than the work you’ve been doing, means seeking out new training and education, or new...Read More
12-Launch Before (You're Ready) It's Perfect

Launch Before it’s Perfect: Preparation not Procrastination

In the world of online business there is a new anthem being chanted; “Launch before You’re Ready”. This slogan can be found on many an Instagram feed, planner cover, custom mouse pad and tea cozy. It’s the new hot advice to give, and while it has definite merit, I would argue that it also has some fine print to consider too. Here’s why the advice is so popular and why I’ll admit from a coaching standpoint, it has a great motivating spirit behind it. The idea is to stop operating from a place of fear when it comes to your projects and plans. Procrastination and perfectionism are creativity killers and ultimately can worse still, be dream-killers. Picture this: You have a fantastic idea for a new business or product, you spend weeks (maybe months!) thinking about the details, the branding and the concept and doing a lot of social media...Read More