Resilience- Your secret super power

Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls (and what’s next for Arise & Bloom)

Resilience. I talked about it in my last newsletter. I told you about some really amazing, really resilient women in my life. What I didn’t share was my own story. I didn’t tell you that my own superpower is resilience. I also didn’t realize when I was starting that recent newsletter, how soon and how much I’d need to tap back into it this very year. Right now we have a lot going on here on the homefront. My fiancé Sean and I plan to be married in 2019, and the reason we’re not doing it sooner is because we have a lot going on. A lot of planned personal business—some medical issues we’ve each needed to address for too long and some other life “housekeeping”. I won’t go into all of those details, or over-justify why it makes sense to us to wait, but I will say that planning...Read More
18-Ready-to-Work Declutter Your Mind

Declutter Your Mind, Focus and get Ready to Work

I want to begin by clarifying that some of the recommendations I give in this post and the tool I’ll link to at the end are specifically designed for people juggling more than one job or role (which I'm sure is most of us.  We’re all busy people amiright?).  That may mean a 9-to-5 day job, going to school or parenting while also trying to begin a business or major creative project.  Keeping that in mind, feel free to take the suggestions here and simply modify them so they make sense for your own specific schedule and lifestyle.So tell me, when someone asks you what’s on your to-do list, do you often feel like the answer is, “EVERYTHING”?  I bet it feels like that a lot, right?  Everything feels super necessary and important and as though it needs to be done, like…yesterday.  Let me tell you, I have more than...Read More
17-Briding the Generation Gap

Bridging the (very REAL) Generation Gap in Business

So…I’m going to talk about something that I rarely see talked about on social media. The generation gap. Millennials…Gen X…Baby Boomers. The gap…it’s real y’all. And for some reason, it feels like a dirty subject to talk about.   In the online business space and on social media, we’re operating in a world that claims inclusivity and acceptance, and often that is true, BUT it’s also true that as a female entrepreneur after a certain age, there are times it can feel like you’re being aged out of the mainstream. This isn’t really discussed much, but it presents itself in places like the FAQ page of a conference, or the about section of a new community launch, when the “who’s this for” description states an age cap. I remember a few months ago, I found myself checking out one female creative entrepreneur’s launch for her new monthly digital magazine. She...Read More
11-Find Your Authentic Self

Truly Blooming With Age: Finding Your Authentic Self

For years now I’ve heard women saying how they really started to know themselves and feel like their best version the older they got. Because of this, I held onto this wistful, far off hope that as I approached what many people regard as “middle-aged”, I’d feel that way too. But mostly what I felt was hope tempered with skepticism. To a large extent I think I believed that these women were telling me what they thought I needed to hear, or even simply saying what they needed to believe. And then last year I turned 39. Turning 39 shifted something inside of me. I’ve never been scared of aging. I accept the discovery of new laugh lines; of the inevitable approach of aches in places I didn’t know I could ache, from movements seemingly nonthreatening before. I accept that younger men are not quite as quick to turn their...Read More