18-Ready-to-Work Declutter Your Mind

Declutter Your Mind, Focus and get Ready to Work

I want to begin by clarifying that some of the recommendations I give in this post and the tool I’ll link to at the end are specifically designed for people juggling more than one job or role (which I'm sure is most of us.  We’re all busy people amiright?).  That may mean a 9-to-5 day job, going to school or parenting while also trying to begin a business or major creative project.  Keeping that in mind, feel free to take the suggestions here and simply modify them so they make sense for your own specific schedule and lifestyle.So tell me, when someone asks you what’s on your to-do list, do you often feel like the answer is, “EVERYTHING”?  I bet it feels like that a lot, right?  Everything feels super necessary and important and as though it needs to be done, like…yesterday.  Let me tell you, I have more than...Read More
7-Time - A Limited Commodity

Time: A Limited Commodity – Making More of Your Moments

“If there were more hours in the day”, “If only I could clone myself”, “I’m just too busy”. Few of us haven’t uttered one of these sentences, and for many of us, weekly or daily. There aren’t many people who feel like their life wouldn’t operate more smoothly, wouldn’t be more fun, or that they wouldn’t simply get more rest if there were just a little more time. I have most definitely been a victim of this thinking. The reason I say “victim of” is because I’d like to argue that this thought is the real problem and changing it might actually give you more time. The bottom line is that the clock is not going to magically give us a 25th hour to work with and the calendar is unlikely to roll back the days and allow us to insert “bonus time”. Instead, I’m going to suggest that attempting...Read More