Sometimes sharing your story is the first step to revising it or writing a new one you’ll LOVE! I’ll start by sharing mine…

I have been a serial starter for many years. Sketching a vague idea on paper and (maybe…sometimes) daring to share with a couple of carefully selected confidantes. I’ve dreamed many half formed dreams and laid them to rest before they could take shape as any real clear vision. I’ve hoped for passion, and shaken my head at the many things that sparked my interest yet never finding those cherished few that lit me on fire.

But more than this, I’d been afraid to rock the boat and allowed my life to drift on autopilot for literally half of my (almost) 40-year old life.

Then there was a moment in 2016 that something shifted in me. I was going back to school for web design while working my full time job at my company of over 18 years. I thought I was trying to make a change. I thought because “design” was in the title this would fulfill the artist I once aspired to be. But in that moment I realized I was just trying to tick new boxes. Good income potential? Check. Likelihood of a 401K and dental? Check, check.

I had this moment of clarity.

What I’d always wanted was the courage to speak my dreams out loud (to more than just a carefully selected few). I’d always hoped for the focus to birth a vision and continue to see it’s growth to (and beyond) maturity. What I’d always known was my desire to build a business of my own in a way that felt like me: spirited, creative, rooted in faith and carefully nurtured.

I realized how much I needed coaching to help me pan for gold in the (often muddy feeling) monologue of my own voice. And how it could have helped me realize even sooner what I was (AM!) capable of: designing a career that lights me up, not just one that ticks the boxes. I thought “how amazing it would be to walk alongside other women like me while they too realize what they’re capable of and begin putting action behind their long-ignored hopes.” And oh, the fire was lit!                         So, now you know why I decided to hire my own coach, and then decided to get certification to become a coach to others.  And maybe a lot of my story resonates with you.  But if you’re still on the fence about why you should hire a coach and why that coach should be me

…Let me ask you a few questions about YOU.

  • Do you ever make jokes about STILL not knowing what you want to be when you grow up?
  • Have you felt like you need to make a change but you feel overwhelmed by where to begin, or what that change might be?
  • Do you have a business (or even just a great business idea), but feel like you don’t have the skills, education, or expertise to really be taken seriously?
  • Does your “to-do” list feel like an overwhelming list of “shoulds” so it’s hard to know what to focus on first?
  • Do you feel like you’re too old, too busy, or just not confident enough to write a new chapter in your career?

Well, if you’ve said yes to any of these questions, the wonderful news is I’ve said yes to them all. I TOTALLY relate to you!

Better than all of that though is that I know I can help you reveal the keys to change your own life and how to find and live out your purpose because I know, just like me, your answers are already within you. In fact, they’re probably so much closer to the surface than you ever imagined.

My job is going to be to help you find them and when we do….lady, you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE!

So take the first step today and contact me for 1:1 coaching availability and pricing! Don’t wait one more day. It’s your time to finally arise and….BLOOM.

PS-if you want to know some less coach-y stuff about me…it’s all here.