• I’m always stopping to rescue abandoned “treasures” off the side of the road with really noble, er, intentions for what they’ll become! 
  • I also have a hard time staying away from fruit-stands on the side of the road!
  • I’m the first one to say “Who wants to play some games!?!” at a family get together.
  • I’m obsessed with tiny houses and it’s quite possible one day I might convince myself to buy one.
  • I’m a natural brunette, but don’t plan on going back any time soon!!!

Of the places I’ve been, the ones I’d most recommend you put on your bucket list…

The Isle of Capri (you MUST ride a scooter)

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro (you MUST hike all the way to the top of the fortress)

Lake Powell, along the Utah/Arizona border (you MUST rent a speedboat!)

The famous market La Boqueria in Barcelona (you absolutely MUST drink at least 5 of these coconut drinks!! SO yum!)


If I could pick a different career for my left-brain self?

I’d be an Accountant.  I have an obsessive (one might say unbalanced!) love for doing my monthly budget and filing my taxes!

…and for my right-brain self?

A watercolor painter….or a runner-up on HGTV’s Design Star

How the name Arise & Bloom came about:

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin

This quote found me at a time when I was just starting to gain some confidence in my ability to move beyond serious pain, disappointments and a lifetime of insecurities that had kept me weighed down for far too long.  I really loved the metaphor of envisioning myself as a beautiful flower that was ready to thrive and bloom into her fullest and most fulfilling potential.  I thought of this as finding “The True Bloom” and I started a blog by the same name. 

Unfortunately I never saw the old blog through (as I’ve mentioned I was a serial starter…) but I couldn’t shake the love for the metaphor.  This eventually evolved into Arise & Bloom because I finally decided to stand up, and BE that blooming flower in a way I’d never had the courage to before.

What do I plan to share through the blog?

My desire is to support women who are trying to build a new work life for themselves in a creative, colorful, authentic way that they’ll feel excited about and proud of.  As I build my own business and website, I plan to pass along the productivity, networking, marketing, self-care and other relevant resources and tips that have been the most beneficial in my own entrepreneurial journey.

In my lifetime I’ve given, taken and ignored a lot of wonderful and wise advice.  I hope there are helpful bits of wisdom in those lessons I choose to pass along that will also resonate with many of you.

My Faith

My faith in Jesus Christ is the dearest thing to me.  I know God is the reason I exist and His grace is the reason I am blessed to be and do all of the things I am able to be and do. My belief of and love for Him very much influences the ideas I believe in and the values I try to uphold in my personal relationships as well as in my relationship with the larger world outside my personal life.

I don’t intend to “market” my coaching specifically for Christian women, however as I’m continuing to build new relationships and professional connections through my coaching and interest in personal development, I feel personally that it’s most authentic to tell you about what means the most to me above all.  Everything I hope to be and do in the world is in some way influenced by my faith in God and is an acknowledgment of the people, things, skills and (most of all) the salvation He blessed me with.

My Personal Life

I share my home in Portland, Oregon with two men; my love and my best friend, Sean and a white sweetheart, senior of a kitty named Vegas.  I have 16 siblings (yes, you read that right!!), and a whole bunch of ridiculously talented, gorgeous nieces and nephews. 

I’ll probably be hard of hearing in my old age as I love to listen to my music way too loud; classical, electronic, rock, R&B, big band, you name it…if my earbuds are in, you’d better tap me on the shoulder! 

And if you haven’t noticed…I LOVE color!!!

Be blessed and always be blooming,