I recognize you. You remind me of ME.

You know it’s time to change; you can’t let another year pass you by.

You want to work with purpose, not just to pay the bills.  You’ve always been an employee but you know you’ve got what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


You always get stuck at the “how?”

I mean, you have some pretty great ideas, and you’ve never been afraid of putting in hard work, it’s just there are lot of other people out there with great ideas too, and they all seem to be further along then you, right?

And they all seem to have a system, a list of dos (and definite don’ts)…a surefire strategy for success.

But you want to define success for yourself.

You believe there are many ways to create a life that fulfills you and a career that feels like you.  And the one rule you know about being in business for yourself is…

You get to decide the rules. 

But… where do you start?

You have a growing list of all-the-things you “should” be doing, but the doing is the hard part.

And the word “should” makes you feel like you’re failing when you don’t.

Well what if I told you that the barrier to accomplishing the steps on your list has less to do with the steps themselves and more to do with figuring out if they’re the right steps…

for YOU.

So what if you had a friend to walk alongside you and help you figure all of this out?

Your hubby tries hard to “get it” and your best friend is always there with an ear and a bottle of wine, but lets face it…there’s never really a time you can just focus the conversation solely on your own dreams and plans.

I mean, that’s not what relationships are for, right?

Well…this one absolutely is.

Arise & Bloom Coaching IS…

  • At it’s core a partnership.
  • A space where you as the client, are able to share your goals, fears and ambitions honestly and free from judgement.
  • A space where respect and empathy are practiced and cultivated: coach towards client, client towards coach and especially, you the client, towards yourself.
  • A time set aside to focus solely on your agenda in order to create forward movement towards your most meaningful goals.
  • A future aimed conversation.  Coaching does not ignore your past but rather focuses on what can be done to design a future in the way that honors your values, dreams, family and faith.
  • A place where you can be open to possibility, learning about yourself and positive growth.
  • A 100% confidential conversation.
  • A place for challenge and stretching…
  • …but most of all creativity and fun!

Coaching with Arise & Bloom is not…

  • Coaching is not counseling.  While I will absolutely be a compassionate ear for you, my job first and foremost as your coach, is to make sure the emphasis remains on your future focused goals.
  • Coaching is not consulting.  Within the coaching conversation, there may be moments where I’ll offer tools, prompts and insights to help you create systems, structure, and generate new action.  There will absolutely be times where we will brainstorm and I’ll offer you my own suggestions and ideas, but coaching operates on the principal that what is right for me as the coach, for another client, or for anyone else, is not necessarily right for you.
  • And most importantly, even though I’m the coach, I’m not the expert.  In a coaching relationship, you as the client are considered the expert on who you are and ultimately, what YOU desire to achieve.  My role as your coach is to act as a filter, a mirror and a guide for you, through that self-discovery process.  A filter to aid you in sifting through all of the self-dialogue to discover the pearls.  A mirror that will allow you to see with clearer vision, the needs and hopes of your truest self.  And a guide to help you focus, refine and define your priorities.

What clients are saying...

"I think of René as a modern oracle with a warm and caring personality. She is a highly-efficient yet empathetic communicator, her questions always timely and spot-on. She made me a believer in having a life and career coach."
Melody H.
Entrepreneur and Mother-of-two
"Working with René was incredibly helpful in figuring out what path to take and how to get there. She understands the traps that prevent people from making changes in their life and hearing how those were impacting me, and how to combat them, was extremely insightful.

I knew what I wanted to change, but was feeling overwhelmed by how to go about it. René helped to validate my feelings, give me perspective, break the situation down into concrete steps, and hold me accountable. With her coaching, I took steps that previously seemed daunting or out of reach, and ended up making real, positive change in my life.”
Dina K.
Working Mother-of-two
"René immediately made me feel comfortable; like I could be completely open and honest with her - without judgement. She provides many tools in her coaching sessions including great questions, exercises and worksheets. Working with René helped me to clearly see the path and direction I needed to go!"
Alyssa B.
Licensed Real Estate Broker